Bank protection in Sokolskoe
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Customer: Committee for environmental protection and nature resource management of the Nizhny Novgorod region (the State Customer).

Works are performed under the agreement 43 dated 15.09.2008.

Term of execution 15.09.2008 - 31.05.2011.


Completed work:

- Driving swimming facilities from Nizhny Novgorod to Sokolskoe and back

- Spade-work: dismantling of concrete constructions, brick foundations, locks made of concrete tetrahedrons and concrete nodding beams, felling of trees and shrubs, removing of reinforced concrete tongues.

- Hydrotechnical constructions: the development of soil floating by the crane and excavator, backfilling the trench with sand, submergence of reinforced concrete tongue, device of geotextile filter in tongue locks, device of vertical filters in mesh boxes, filling filters with rubble and gravel, device of vertical inverse filters, device of stair descents, device of movement joint made of asphalt mat, reinforcement of the bottom before resistant belt, waterproofing surfaces of the tongue and stair descents with the help of bitumen cutback, waterproofing of embedded and mounting details of the tongue;

- Territory: filling area with sand.

Residential complex "Tricolor"


About "Tricolor" residential complex

"Tricolor" residential complex is one of the most striking architectural solutions in Moscow. Houses are painted in the colors of the national flag and it makes the complex a tourist attraction. The complex consists of an office building and three residential high-rises (two 46-storied houses and one 31-storied house). "Tricolor" residential complex also has a stylobate, which from an architectural and design point of view will combine houses of the complex and from a functional point of view will serve as a multi-level parking.

Location and infrastructure

"Tricolor" residential complex is situated in one of the most ecologically clean districts of the capital, in a green area near the Botanical Garden, embankment of the Yauza river and Elk Island. But good environment is not the only advantage of this district. There are five higher educational institutions, schools, kindergartens, hotels, medical institutions and even a stadium. The region has a developed transport network. It is situated near the metro stations “Botanical Garden” and “VDNKh”.

There are good approach roads. Except the main road, there are some additional roads to the territory of the residential complex. Small traffic congestion of the main highways nearby will easily get you to your home or office at any time.